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a handsome man at the side of the road

for most people, its not atypical to wake up and make the first thing you ingest be social media's image

i try to be vigilant against the habits being pressured upon me by these external forces

its in their best interest for me to hand myself over to their game... they try to present it as being in my favor,, but its not

recently, a large electronic conglomeration of equipment was installed just outside my window.

i wondered, if I asked the construction workers, would they have a script prepared?

or would they say, I don't even know what its for, i just plug in the yellow cable

then we started to feel nausious, but maybe its just the paranoia, and drinking yesterdays tea rounds without a dime of food in my belly

🍓said it first though, but im recieving the information from other sources as well, from people I just dont trust, so much so, its hard to look away, i clearly suffer from the same sickness

the sickness of looking at those you dislike, and getting off on it, asking the hard questions, how can people like this exist and consider themselves worthy

they are so blind by their nothingness

they are so possessed by their symbols and stories, its such an important heroic story they say unto themselves, and others must be subjected to it

and money is invovled, survival, continuation of state, legislation, politics, life forms, the list of affectes goes down endlessly, to make intersectionaly PHD specialists green with penis envy

i suppose I see myself reflected back at the online phenomena, where its the ugly sides of myself i have to witness, and I want to change that, but here i am acting similarly, at least aethetically

those people who mock up in this image have bad intentions, how do I know?

if you can't see past appearances, you wont be able to pick up on the energy of intent that is being hoarded in secret

its an energy thing, and its very visible when you see in terms of energy

I dont know who to trust, i can't trust the right wingers, or the left wingers, i can't trust the centrists, the spiritualists, i cant really trust anyone

perhaps its the reality of the economic landscape, where we are all left to our own, and our individual families... for me, its just 🍓 and I who are in this together

its do or die, but you have to play up some theatrescape on patreons and twitters and discords to play the game

so i checked the new follower this morning, and my mind is quickly polluted with those cult gangster type people.

I thought, if you don't want it to be seen, don't put it on the internet, the internet isn't secure

Im just praying people aren't using some sort of monitoriing tools to see my updates, or hoping neocities isn't promoting my secret html to whoever is following me

i like to think, nobody cares enough, if they did, it would just read like looney talk, theres a sancticity in that, a room for headway.

i dont want to get too confused about my own work, and the affect it has and will have as it progresses

when I allow conversation with god, god tells me to not worry about it, its his business, not mine

the only thing I have to do, is make the word as passionately as possible

yesterday, i installed the magnifying glass code that evescape wrote into the most recent version of ep3. the 800x600 resolution renpy game.

and i tested it on the that you can barely read the words inscripted inside the chip

and it feels very real or, this whole scene with viva on the forums, its all about the real shit or...the real internet shit. I didn't write it or fathom it. I took it straight from the horses mouth

in that sense, there's no fiction to it, i can't say this is a work of fiction because in alot of ways, it isnt.

every cultist is familiar to the experience of witnessing nonsense and projecting some sort of seemingly valid meaning into it:why? to keep the status quo