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Dear friend, if you are wondering about ARCHANGEL:NEMESIS
here is an update for you....
I scrapped the idea of making A:N an episodic work.
not only that, it is no longer called A:N
the title is still up for debate at HQ so I will keep it secret for now.
I've rewritten the script outline from the ground up starting with what was ep1 to the end of what was ep4
Now this work is one VN that is split up into 4 books.
I cannot predict when I will finish. It's all about the lao tzu quote. I can't accomplish anything if I rush.
VN is a wonderful medium.
To begin with, it helped me find my heart in writing... I found the meaning of artistic freedom in storytelling..
if you are interested in VNs and writing then I strongly encourage you give it a go...
I haven't found a medium that can handle this much from me as an artist..
it seems to prefer deep working
There's also something very speical VNs can do as a medium that I have not seen anywhere else
I think it's the mi effect.
it's safe to say this next version of my VN I want to release is by far the largest project I've ever undertaken
and its the hardest I've ever worked on a single work of art
feels like life work type ish
i bet you if henry darger was around, he'd get down with VN
and I think sade too woulda made something that super slaps hard yo

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